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Flower Girl Duties: The Inside Scoop for Parents

Flower Girl Duties: The Inside Scoop for Parents

Congratulations - your daughter is a flower girl! Now what do you do? Being the parent of the most adorable wedding attendant means you have duties too. Here's the scoop so you can both be ready:


Traditionally, the bride chooses the style of the dress and the flower girl's parents pay for it. However, this doesn't mean you can't offer your input, especially if the bride is not experienced buying kid's clothes.


As a member of the wedding party, the flower girl could get invitations to all the fun festivities surrounding the wedding: bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, brunches, etc. However, don't expect an invite to the bachelorette party, which is usually held way past her bedtime anyway. : )


If at all possible, the wedding rehearsal shouldn't be missed. Here, the flower girl will learn the specifics of what she is supposed to do at the ceremony, but more importantly, she will meet everyone involved in the wedding and will feel like part of the team. Hopefully, this will help to ease any anxiety and get her excited for the big day.


The bride may request that the flower girl arrive early along with the rest of the wedding party. Unfortunately, this could make for a very long and tiring day. Be sure to bring stain proof, low sugar snacks and activities to keep her entertained. We recommend one of the Flower Girl World books or the Flower Girl Fun Kit.


The flower girl may be included in several formal portraits before or after the ceremony. As any fashion model knows, the picture-taking process can be long and tedious. In order to guarantee some gorgeous shots, explain to your child that she will be expected to follow all of the photographer's requests. Keep hair products on hand for touch ups.


It's time for her to strut her stuff. Traditionally, the flower girl follows the ring bearer down the aisle and precedes the maid of honor, but it's also appropriate for the flower girl to make her entrance right before the bride. She might be asked to toss petals from a basket, hand flowers to guests, carry a bouquet, or perform some other creative task. The goal is for her to make it down the aisle, and most importantly, look cute while doing it.


To sit or stand, that is the question. After the flower girl completes her walk down the aisle, she can sit with a relative in the front or stand with the rest of the wedding party during the ceremony. You will know which option works best for your child, so be sure to suggest it to the bride. At the end of the ceremony, the flower girl walks back up the aisle in front of the maid of honor.


It's party time! You and your daughter have completed your wedding duties. Enjoy the food (she will dine with you, not at the wedding party table) and dance away!

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