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Brides: What age are flower girls?

Including flower girls in your special day makes for a magical and memorable experience. Not only do little ones add an exceptional cute factor, but they also happen to play crucial roles.

So what's the appropriate age for a flower girl?

Most flower girls fall between 4 - 8 years old - young enough to elicit collective "awwws" yet old enough to handle the responsibility. However, you can always select outside of this range - older girls are often promoted to junior bridesmaids while toddlers can still provide laughs with their charming unpredictability. Ultimately, it's important to consider the age, maturity level, and personality of your flower girl when making a final decision . We recommend speaking with her parents.

For younger girls, it's always important to plan ahead. Remember that the younger the girl, the more unpredictable her behavior can be. While it's unrealistic to expect perfection, there are ways to to help her from becoming distracted, bored and restless during the event.

Here are some tips for keeping her calm and focused:

  • Have an older flower girl or bridesmaid help escort her down the aisle by holding her hand; toddlers can also be wheeled in a wagon or carriage

  • Seat her parents towards the end of the aisle. It will give her an end target. She can then sit with her parents during the ceremony.

  • Offer your flower girl a special reward if she's able to carry out her responsibility. A gift can always double as a distraction or activity to keep her preoccupied. Celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss suggests keeping a bridal Barbie on her seat for when she makes it down the aisle. The Flower Girl World books and Fun Kit also make excellent and educational flower girl gifts.

Flower Girl Fun Kit

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