It’s Time For Fun!

The FGW characters are expert flower girls and they’re ready to share the fun with you. Be sure to visit each one!

  • “Be the Perfect Flower Girl!”

    Cami can show you how to be the best.

  • Camellia – Flower Girl Tips
  • “Fashion and Style Make Me Smile!”

    Willow will help you primp for your big day – or any day.

  • Willow – Fashion and Fun
  • “Lets be Friends!”

    Poppy will introduce you to all different types of flower girls.

  • Poppy – Flower Girl Friends
  • “It’s Play Time!”

    Rosie will help you find the perfect game.

  • Rosie – Games and Activities
  • “Lets Make Something Together!”

    Iris can help you create a masterpiece.

  • Iris – Arts and Crafts
  • “Be a Flower Girl Star!”

    Starr wants you to shine at the wedding.

  • Starr – Perfect Performances
  • “Let's get Moving!”

    Hana wants to help you be a fit flower girl.

  • Hana – Fitness Fun
Thinking Camellia

QUIZ: What Style of Flower Girl are You?

Princess? President? Celebrity? Romantic? Take this fun quiz to find out! (printable)›