Goulish and good for you!



Healthy and Halloween are not two words that usually go together. But that was my goal last year when my daughter asked if we could host her friends for a party on October 31.

Now, let’s be clear about a couple of things. First, I’m not a particulary creative in the kitchen. But doesn’t this look easy? And second, I’m not saying that the evening was completely chocolate and sugar free. But dare I say, these fruit snacks were gobbled up as quickly as any candy bar.


My daughter and I had so much fun making these treats together. Nothing is more special than spending time with your flower girl – even if you are making creepy-looking fruit!

I found these recipes online so I will send you to the original sites for the details.

Frightful Halloween Fruit Kebabs via

Silly Apple Bites via

Please note, I used a black decorating gel, on the fruit kababs, but the black candy melts will surely work better as recommended.


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Children’s Series Highlights Diversity, Friendship, and Global Cultures


Foreword Reviews interviews author Lynelle Woolley about positive themes behind the Flower Girl World series.

Flower Girl World seeks to give young readers a means of exploring teamwork, quick thinking, and engagement with other people and cultures, taking what seems like an idyllic situation beyond pretty dresses and ceremonial duties, and into a meaningful context where lessons may last a lifetime.

Read the full article by clicking HERE

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Giveaway! You could win 4 Flower Girl World books!


4 FGW books

Los Tweens is a wonderful bilingual e-magazine for parents and their tweens.

Enter the giveaway at LosTweens for your chance to win the entire Flower Girl World series!

CLICK HERE to enter

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Royal Wedding – Where Are They Now?



Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

It’s been five years since the Royal Wedding. We know what William and Kate have been up to, but what about their flower girls? Here’s the update on two of them…


Remember little Grace who couldn’t handle all the commotion?




Well, she’s 8-years-old now. And she’s looking a lot happier (despite the head boo-boo).


Clearly William’s goddaughter knows how to pose now!

Another bridal party beauty was flower girl Lady Louise Windsor.


The daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie Countess of Wessex is now 12 years old. It’s amazing how quickly they grow up!

What about the other flower girls? Please fill us in if you have insider info.

Thanks to for this scoop!


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Meet our new character – IVY!


We are so excited to introduce our newest Flower Girl World character, Ivy Glendon. She’s from Los Angeles, California and she’s the Rock ‘n’ Roll Flower Girl.

Scroll down to see how author Lynelle Woolley and illustrator Karen Wolcott worked together to create Ivy.

Ivy_with_guitar_flower_ball copy


It all began with hair inspiration.

Hair inspiration


And from there we moved onto a sketch. She looks so cool!





We decided to give her a haircut and have her stand up straight. Do you like that she’s holding a pomander instead of a basket full of petals?



At first we dressed her in emerald green.



But then we thought she might look too much like Rosie.

IvoyColor02_Green 2


So we decided to dress her in black – she’s rock ‘n’ roll, after all! But what would she look like without the guitar?Ivy_PoseWithoutGuitar-01

Ivy makes her Flower Girl World debut in the third chapter book, Starr and the High Seas Wedding Drama – coming this June! There’s a lot of adventure in that book, and here are some of Ivy’s expressions to prove it.

Ivy expressions


Stay tuned for more of Ivy and news about Starr and the High Seas Wedding Drama. Share her with your friends and give us your thoughts below and on our Facebook page.








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Pinspiration: We Love Spring Flower Girls!


It’s official…spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and flower girls are spotted outdoors wearing their best dresses and accessories.

This season, we’re especially loving ruffled layers, bright pops of color, big bows, romantic lace and crochet details, criss-cross backs, and lush floral crowns.

Here’s a roundup of our favorite spring flower girl looks!



Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 2.26.06 PM


0fe8b4873c342de036c98b22d470e1abfd27c1ca9490fdac2edbc84a8aad6811(Click images for sources)

Like what you see? For more seasonal flower girl inspiration, follow us on Pinterest HERE.


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Happy Easter From Flower Girl World!


Flower Girl World wishes you and yours a very happy and hoppy Easter! We hope your day is filled with sunshine, sweet treats, and a visit from a very special bunny!

dsc_7382web_1356_large (1) two-pretty-easter-dresses-for-little-girls(via Cassie’s ClosetDresses 2U)

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Flower Girl Hair Tutorial: Easy Updo


We’re celebrating flower girl hair this week, and nothing is better than an Easy Updo that anyone can do! And the best part? It looks great when it’s messy! This hairstyle works best on flower girls with medium-long hair that has some wave.

What you’ll need: comb, clear hair elastics, clamp clips, bobby pins, hairspray, accessory (optional)


Using a comb, divide the hair into two sections just above the ear. Clip the top section on top of the head.


Twist bottom section into a low, messy bun and secure with an elastic and bobby pins.


Unclip top section and create a low ponytail. Secure with elastic. Create a small hole above the elastic and pull the ponytail through it. Repeat again if the ponytail is long.

Starr4Starting at the end of the ponytail, begin to roll it under as if you were rolling it around a small curler. Pin it underneath itself with bobby pins. Use hairspray to hold it in place.

Starr5Accessorize with a cute headband or hair clip.

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NEW EBOOK COMING MARCH 28! FUN-TO-WEAR FLOWER GIRL HAIR! Includes hairstyle tutorials and fun activities.



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Jacie and Gracie: Flower Girls-To-Be


Jacie and Gracie

Aren’t they adorable? Jacie and Gracie are going to be flower girls! Bride-to-be Kristine popped the question at an engagement party and surprised them with Flower Girl World Celebration Kits. One of them is even holding Rosie and the Wedding Day Rescue.

I wish them pure joy as the walk down the aisle, and hope they will send me pictures of the Big Day!

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Flower Girl Hair Tutorial: Ballerina Sock Bun



Blog image

Our ballerina flower girl, Camellia, loves to wear her hair in a “Ballerina Sock Bun.” It’s perfect ‘do to wear to weddings, dance recitals, or anytime you want a simple yet fancy look. We’ll show you how to create it using an athletic tube sock! Watch the video or scroll down for the step by steps:



What you’ll need: athletic tube sock, scissors, hair elastic, brush, bobby pins, hairspray, accessory (optional)


Hand and sock1


With an adult’s help, snip a couple of inches off the toe of the sock. Roll the sock from the top down to create a donut shape.


Starting with a high ponytail, feed the top of the ponytail through the sock donut, leaving the ends out.

Cami 3

Spread the ends around the donut and gently start rolling down, tucking ends under and smoothing the hair as you go.


Pin the ballerina bun at the base and add a spritz of hairspray.


Make it your own by adding a sparkly headband, flowers, or other cute accessory.

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NEW EBOOK COMING SOON! FUN-TO-WEAR FLOWER GIRL HAIR! Includes hairstyle tutorials and fun activities.

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