Make Your Furry Friend A “Flower Pet!”

Can a “flower girl” be a “flower pet?” We’ve noticed a recent trend of incorporating animals into weddings.  From sporting tuxedos, flowers, lace and other themed accessories down the aisle to posing in post-ceremony photos with the bridal party, these furry critters only manage to add to the love.  Here at FGW, we think “flower pets” are a great idea! Check out our tips below for some inspiration:

Add a doggy tutu and some real or fake flowers to your pet – leash optional!

Have your pet walk with your flower girl(s) to make sure they make it down the aisle and don’t get too distracted by the crowd:

Try a DIY flower crown:


Sometimes, formal wear is more appropriate. Suit ’em up in that tux or bow-tie:



(Images via Bridal Guide, Budget Bride’s GuideTidewater and TulleWedding Chicks)

Here are a few other tips and tricks for “flower pets”…

-Call ahead to prospective venues to determine whether or not they allow pets on the property, and consider the idea that some guests might have allergies or fears associated with animals as well.

-Make sure that no guests have pet allergies or  fears.

-Do a few practice run-throughs with your pet to familiarize them with the idea of walking down the aisle, and be prepared for unexpected challenges to arise – perhaps your pet doesn’t feel like walking down the aisle, or hates the outfit you’ve chosen for her. 

-Keep your pet’s favorite treats close-by so that you can reward them for being an obedient “flower pet!”

Your pet will be so happy to be a part of your special day!


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